Topwater Tactics for Spring Fishing

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Topwater fishing gives you some of the most exciting fishing experiences out there. When your lure or bait is sitting on the surface of the water, you get a front-row seat to watch a fish zero in on the target and snatch it up. Whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned veteran, there are a few tactics that you can use in the spring that are sure to help you enjoy even more great days out on the water!

Let’s get started with some of these tactics, that way everyone can improve on one of the most exciting and best ways to fish!

Mix It Up 

Topwater Frog

Just like with any other lure, your topwater lures can be fished in a number of different ways. You can work things like poppers, walking baits, frogs, or any other topwater lures as fast or as slow as you want. Sometimes slowing it down by adding a couple of extra seconds of sitting on the water after casting can be all you need to finally trigger a stubborn fish.

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut and work the same old baits the exact same ways time after time. You can also try switching out your baits frequently to see what works and what doesn’t. By mixing it up, you will be surprised at how often you can get a bite just by trying something a little different.

Work the Pockets 

Chase Baits Top Water

Topwaters are great because they allow you to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, but this isn’t always the best way to fish them. When you find a promising-looking pocket, try shorter, more targeted casts. This includes places like under tree limbs, beneath docks, or any other pocket that you think might hold fish.

When you find a good pocket of fish, you must work it correctly and wait to set the hook. The short, targeted casts will ensure that you are properly presenting your lure to any nearby fish and getting their attention. Once you do, it is time to exercise patience. Even if you see a giant fish heading straight for your lure, you must give him a chance to first come down with the bait and dive back under the water before finally setting the hook.

Keep Trying

Spring Fishing Top Water Frog

Many new fishermen are often intimidated by topwater fishing, especially when they don’t immediately catch anything. Don’t be discouraged when you miss some fish, because you definitely will. Whether it is your timing or your presentation, don’t stop working on getting better and learning, as springtime is the perfect time of year to practice. Sooner or later it will begin to pay off!

Final Thoughts

Topwater Swimbait

While topwater fishing is one of the most exciting forms of fishing, it can also be a bit frustrating at times. By learning and implementing some of these tactics, you can start to take your topwater fishing game to the next level and land more fish than ever before!




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