Introducing anglers to new lures in a fun, exciting and affordable way. $5 FLAT RATE SHIPPING


What is Random Lures of the Month?

Random Lures of the Month is a subscription service that introduces beginner and advanced anglers to new and exciting fishing tackle. Along with your tackle you will receive a "What's in it" card telling you what each bait is and the retail cost so you can see your savings first hand.  

How Much Does It Cost?.

Random Lures of the Month (RLM) Elite is $54.75 every 2 months. 

 What Will I Get?

With each Elite box you will get a variety of quality fishing products from both large and small manufacturers. We do our best to send a variety of brands and product types in each box to ensure that you have the best chance of discovering and trying new products.

Can I Select My Species?

Yes! When you sign up you will select the type of species you fish for. We currently offer options for Bass, Walleye, Pike or Multi-Species.

What is the Shipping Cost?

We ship anywhere in North America for a flat rate of $5.

What is a SLAM competition?

Catch a fish on each lure in your RLM box. It's a fun way to learn new techniques with your new baits. The RLM Elite box includes a scorecard so you can challenge a friend. Upload your video to YouTube using #RLMSlam and you could win some cool prizes.

Do You Ship to the USA?

Yes!  We ship anywhere in North America for $5 flat rate shipping. Please allow up to two and a half weeks delivery time depending on your location. 

 How Does A Trial Series Work Versus A Regular Subscription?

There are a couple differences between the regular RLM Elite subscription plan and our RLM Elite Trial Series option.  First, our regular subscriptions are recurring meaning they will automatically renew every two months until you cancel. Our Trial Series is non-recurring so it will not renew and will automatically expire at the end of the trial term.

Why Should I Subscribe?

Here are just a few reasons why you should try Random Lures of the Month:

  1. Random Lures of the Month will expose you to new tackle forcing you to try new techniques helping you become a better angler and catch more fish.
  2. You can swap species, allowing you to discover new tackle for multiple species of fish.
  3. It is exciting to receive new lures and tackle in your mailbox each month.
  4. You will save 30%-40% when compared to buying lures at a retail store.
  5. No risk.  If you no longer enjoy Random Lures of the Month you can cancel anytime.  

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

If you decide Random Lures of the Month is no longer for you, you can easily log into your account , go to Account Details, click on the 'Manage My Membership' link and from there select 'Cancel Subscription' or 'Cancel Order'.  *You must create an account in order to login* No B.S. Cancelations or cancelation requests must be made prior to the renewal date. All sales are final, you will still receive any boxes that you have paid for prior to canceling your subscription.


Is There A Deadline To Order To Make Sure I Get My Box This Month?

No, there is no deadline to order.  We ship all month long and your first box will ship out within 5 business days of your order and then every 2 months after that.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Random Lures Of The Month?

After your original order all boxes ship on the 10th of the month via Canada Post.  Please allow 7-10 business days from when the box is shipped.  Boxes are shipped out of Alberta, Canada. Allow for an additional week when shipping to the United States.

Reference our Apparel section below for shipping times on Simple Fishing clothing

Will I receive a tracking number for my order?

Yes, we will provide tracking numbers for all orders within Canada. Unfortunately we are not able to provide a tracking numbers for orders in the United States. 

What Day Of The Month Do You Charge Me And What Day Of The Month Will My Box Ship?

We process all recurring orders on the 1st day of every second month and your box will ship on the 10th of that month. Example: If you are charged April 1 your Elite box will ship April 10th. Your next charge will be June 1st and your Elite box will ship June 10th.

Simple Fishing Apparel 

We use a 3rd party Print on Demand service for our apparel. This means that Simple Fishing apparel isn’t made until ordered, it also means that if you purchased Simple Fishing Apparel with an RLM Elite Box or any other tackle your apparel will arrive as a separate shipment.  There is NO additional shipping costs to you.

 After ordering please allow 3-6 business days for fulfillment and 6-8 business days for shipping, although most times it is much quicker. 

I manufacture my own lures.  Can I have them featured as a Random Lure of the Month?

Yes!! Use the contact form below or email to inquire about having your lures featured as part of our Random Lure of the Month.  Be sure to indicate type of lure along with size and weight.


★Angler Reviews

Angler Reviews

185 reviews

Everything seems good quality, no luck catching anything yet though.

Great value

Review on rlm elite pike box

The box was good. I liked the amount of hard baits included in it, as well as the quality of soft plastics. The one orange large crank bait seemed a little bit cheap in my opinion (just seems like it is made of entirely plastic) but I liked the jointed plug perch lure and the adjustable crank bait where you can add weight to it for dive depths. I like that these boxes are made for targeting pike and musky which is unique in the industry and the fact that it is Canadian is an added bonus. I have been pike fishing a lot since the August box got delivered but I havent used any of the lures yet and will do an updated review on the lures as I use them. Thank you simple fishing for being unique and for being true north strong! I look forward to the October box

Great selection of baits

Definitely as advertised and had more hard baits than other boxes I have tried, there were some very cool lures included in the box that I otherwise may not have tried, but I am sure glad I did as they put fish in the boat on literally the first cast of each of multiple lures that I tried, I also found it great that there were a number of more "name brand" baits than I noticed in other bait boxes! I definitely will continue to receive these boxes and I know I will put the products to good use!

Very pleased

Found Simple Fishing after LTB went dark. Simple is th only box I found that has a Northern Pike box, as well as Bass and Multispecies. Pike is my favorite species to fish and this box doesn't disappoint. The box comes packed and the baits are good quality name brands. I am now subscribed and very eager for the next box.