How to Effectively Use a Live Target Emerald Shiner Jerkbait

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How to Effectively Use a Live Target Emerald Shiner Jerkbait 

Designed to resemble multiple different baitfish, the Live Target Emerald Shiner Jerkbait is one of the most effective and lifelike lures out on the market today. This lure is the perfect choice if you are looking to resemble fish that have broken away from a school or when the bass are targeting smaller baitfish. But how do you effectively use this awesome lure?

When retrieving a jerk bait, it is all about how fast you retrieve it and any motions you give it while doing so. You can “jerk” the line in order to give sporadic movements to the lure, or even stop and pause altogether.

Live Target Emerald Shiner Fishing Tips

Once you find the water that you want to fish, cast out your line, and hold the rod straight out from your body. In order to get the jerk bait to jerk as it is designed, drop the tip of the rod down sharply. This will move it forward and down. With a quick retrieve and consistent jerking, this is usually called ripping and is most effective when the fish are most active. It can also be used to cover a lot of water in a relatively short period of time.

Another method you can use is to let the jerk bait sit for 10 to 20 seconds at a time and allow it to entice a bite. After pausing you can continue to retrieve it and keep giving it regular pauses. Playing around with this timing can sometimes produce a bite when the fish are being difficult. This method is very popular during the cold or winter months when the fish are much less active.

No matter how you decide to fish with your lure, experimenting with retrieval speeds and jerks will help in figuring out what the fish want which is the key to finding more success while out on the water.

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