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Shore Fishing for Spring Walleye

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I am blessed to the live in the Kawartha's where the walleye are abundant so locating walleye from the shore isn’t to hard. I fish two types of water in the spring for walleye. The first type can be difficult and most anglers get discouraged with this method but as the saying goes, practise, practise, practise and once you think you have it practise some more. Once mastered I have found this first method to be quite successful.

Walleye Shore Fishing Method One:

Fishing the white water outflows around dams is a great pace to throw a floating shallow diver. Toss 3-5ft in the current and let the current take it. Once far enough slowly, and I emphasize slowly, start reeling it in. The fast current will give the bait erratic swimming motion; you can also give it a quick jerk for additional action. You require a stiffer rod for this method as the current is strong, and when a walleye hits it will feel like a freight train! There aren’t as many walleye sitting in the outflows but the ones that stick around to eat are the monsters you’re looking for.

Shore Fishing for Walleye

Walleye Shore Fishing Method Two:

My second method is much simpler and very effective. Walleye move to shallower water at night chasing in small perch and minnows. Wait until sundown (my best night was 2am) Walleye Fishing at Nightand head out to your local river. When shore fishing at night a classic white twister tail grub with a glow in the dark jig head is a good set up to start with. Recently I have been testing different scents on the grub and found the local walleye loved the leech scent more than any other. Cast your twister tail directly away from the bank and let it sink close to the bottom; slowly start your retrieve remembering to keep the grub off the water floor and the walleye will chase it all the way to the bank, sometimes even biting right at your feet.

Hopefully these two methods will help you catch a few more shore walleye this spring.

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