Top Colours for Summer Walleye

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When it comes to fishing for walleye, lure selection and color is key. It always seems that some colors seem to perform better than others, and choosing the right one can be the difference between a successful day and a slow one. During the summer, it is even more important to pay attention to your lure color.

    Walleye Fishing in sunny conditionsWalleye Fishing on a cloudy day

 It is always a good idea to keep a few lures in the basic colors of the natural baitfish in the area you are fishing. These will be a good rule of thumb for slow days when nothing else seems to be working. During any low light or cloudy conditions, you should try using colors such as black, purple, and white. But on bright, sunny summer days, walleyes will love vibrant and flashy colors. Hot pink and orange crankbaits and jigs always seem to be a favorite amongst summertime walleye anglers. Neon green, red, and bright blue can also bring good results.

 Walleye CrankbaitWalleye Soft PlasticsWalleye Hardbait

Always try to mix it up when out on the water, as walleye can always pick and choose what they seem to be biting on at any given time. Summertime walleye fishing can be a blast, so bring plenty of different colors of lures!

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