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Catching Large Northern Pike in Saskatchewan: A Fishing Adventure

If you’re an angler seeking thrilling fishing experiences, look no further than Saskatchewan. This Canadian province boasts vast, roadless north country with countless lakes surrounded by scrubby boreal forests. Among the many fish species found here, northern pike reign supreme. These toothy critters thrive in Saskatchewan’s chilly waters, offering anglers the chance to battle truly massive fish. Let’s dive into the tactics and hot spots for landing these impressive predators.

Why Saskatchewan?

  1. Pike Paradise: Northern Saskatchewan is home to some of the best pike fishing in Canada and perhaps the world. The pike here are not your average snaky creatures; they’re long, thick, and powerful, with fearsome maws.
  2. Shallow Waters: Thanks to the cool water temperatures, these mighty pike inhabit shallow areas for much of the season. Imagine casting your line in just 18 inches of water and having a giant northern explode on your lure or fly—it’s an experience like no other.

When to Go

The prime pike season in Saskatchewan runs from June to September. During this period, the waters come alive with hungry fish, making it the ideal time for anglers to test their skills.

Tactics for Success

  1. Sight-Casting: Whether you’re using flies or hardware, sight-casting in the shallows is incredibly effective. Spot a lurking pike, make a precise cast, and watch the water erupt as the fish strikes.
  2. Classic Lures: Keep it simple with classic lures. Mepps #5 spinners, Johnson Silver Minnows, and Blue Fox Vibrax #5 or #6 in gold are all proven choices.
  3. Fly Fishing: Fly anglers, rejoice! Saskatchewan’s pike-rich waters offer exciting opportunities. Even if you’re a novice, you can battle a massive fish on the fly.

Top Hot Spots

Here are some must-fish locations for northern pike:

  1. Cree Lake
  2. Scott Lake: Scott Lake Lodge provides access to over 200,000 acres of Class-A gator water.
  3. Lake Diefenbaker
  4. Reindeer Lake
  5. Wollaston Lake


Catching large northern pike in Saskatchewan is more than a fishing trip—it’s an adventure. So pack your gear, head north, and immerse yourself in the wild beauty of this pike paradise. Remember, that explosive strike in shallow water awaits!

For more information, visit Tourism Saskatchewan.

Happy fishing! 🎣🌲🇨🇦

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