When to Use a Carolina Rig vs. a Texas Rig

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Fishing is more than just a leisurely past time. For many people, fishing is a competition that they want to win. It is a way for man to outsmart nature. However, when it comes to fishing, there are several components that go into helping a person to snag decent sized fish. Along with the typical bait and weather elements that you need to address, you also need to consider the type of rig that you are using. Two of the more common rigs are the Carolina Rig and the Texas Rig.

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The Carolina Rig

This is a fairly simple rig that many people use throughout the entire year as they find that it works in most situations and weather. The Carolina Rig can be made up of several combinations of elements, so the fisher really has a lot of creativity when using this rig. In terms of lures and baits, many people use soft plastics like leeches, flukes, lizards, grubs and crawdads. There are also those who utilize live bait like leeches, nightcrawlers, shad and minnows. The hook size needs to match the size of the bait that you are using. Small hook should go with small baits, while large baits will require larger hooks. In terms of the hook size, be sure to look at what type of fish you are targeting.

With a Carolina Rig, most people use a bullet weight for the sinker. However, remember that you can also add a heavier sinker when wanting the bait to dive down faster or when you are in fast moving currents. In terms of line, most people use a heavy pound test fishing long that is virtually invisible to fish.

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The Texas Rig

The Texas Rig is a very old school method of fishing that has been around since the first plastic lures were made in the 1950’s. What sets the Texas Rig apart from other rigs on the market is that this does use a plastic worm no matter what. When wanting to use this rig remember that you need to ensure that the plastic worm is threaded in a straight line onto the fishing line. If it is curved, you are going to find that it dramatically lowers your chances of getting a bite.

To get this worm straight, place the sinker onto the line. Remember with Texas Rig, a bullet weight is going to be fine to use. Put on the worm hook that you prefer, then insert about 1/4th of the hook straight into the top of the worm. Slide the worm upwards towards the eye of the hook. As you slide the worm, twist the wire of the hook. It should end up looking at though the sharp end of the hook is at the face of the worm. Then allow the worm to hang straight down.

When to Use Each Rig

There are those who have their preference for a rig, no matter the conditions. However, each rig has positives and negatives when it comes to using this during different fishing seasons. Here are a few pointers to remember:

  • The Carolina rig has the ability to reach deep fish, thus many fishers turn to this during the winter months when fish are lower.
  • During the spring time, you will find that either rig will be efficient.
  • During the prespawn and postspawn season of bass, you will find that the Carolina Rig works great.
  • When bass fish are spawning nets or immediately after spawning, the Texas Rig is going to shine.
  • Both rigs are going to work great during the summer.
  • During the Fall time when bass fish are often in the shallow water, the Texas Rig is going to work better than the Carolina Rig.
  • The Texas Rig can be fitted with weights that are super light, making them perfect for shallow waters.
  • A Carolina Rig can have a weight that is up to 2 ounces, making it great for deep water fishing.
  • If you are dealing with heavy cover, the Texas Rig is a great option
  • When dealing with isolated burhs piles or grass, the Carolina Rig is efficient.

With these points in mind, it truly depends on where you are fishing, the time of the year, and what type of fish that you are trying to catch when it comes to choosing a certain Rig to use.

Most professional fishermen are going to tell a person to use what they are comfortable with. There are some fishermen that love the Texas Rig no matter what, while others may prefer the Carolina Rig. The best piece of advice is to try each and se which you are most comfortable with. Both rigs are considered great rigs to stick with while fishing.

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