How to Use Spinnerbaits to Catch Early Season Bass

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Fishing is the past time for many people, as it promotes relaxation, getting into nature and the like. For those who are looking to catch early season bass, it helps to use the right bait. The problem with early season bass is that you are dealing with water that is cold and muddy. These bass are not going to come out for just anything. Bass are often in the shallow area of the water they are in, due to the rain that the Spring usually brings. Why is this an issue?

Can Bass Really Hear?

When bass are in shallow water they are unable to see many of the lures that are commonly used. During the summer time, bass often go into the deeper waters of a lake, and they rely on their sight more in these deep waters, meaning that a stick bait that slowly twitches can be seen with ease. When in the shallow water, bass are relying on their hearing to feed.

When you state that the bass are looking to hear to feed, most people don’t believe this. However, bass do have the ability to hear, just not in the usual way that is associated with the word. Bass have inner ears that are going to detect the tiniest of sounds. Therefore, spinnerbaits are the optimal baits for catching early season bass. The sounds that these spinnerbaits put off is going to lure the bass from their hiding spots in the shallow and dirty water, as they hear the “prey fish” that they want to eat.

Why Spinnerbaits?

Spinnerbaits are going to have plenty of flash to them and the blades of these baits are going to produce a lot of vibration. Even in murky waters, the flash of these baits can often attract a bass. However, if that doesn’t work, the vibration is definitely going to attract a bass fish. Which spinnerbait is best? You must make this choice for yourself. Numerous fishes like to go with a willow leaf spinnerbait, while others prefer a ¾ ounce model with a 6 Colorado blade as it gives more vibration and thumbs. You may find it best to try out several spinnerbaits to find the one that you are most comfortable with using for the optimal experience. Remember, the waters that you are fishing in can also make a difference in what works.

How to Use a Spinnerbait

There are a few ways that fishermen use spinnerbaits when trying to catch early season bass. The most common way of doing this is to cast your line and retrieve this slowly. And when you state slowly, this is extremely slow! Remember, due to the cold water, bass are often sluggish, thus if you think you are going slow, remember that these bass are even slower. A great way to do this is through the feel that you are getting in the rod. Reel this in so that you can feel the blade thumbing vibrations in the rod, and that the bait is hitting the bottom of the water. It should take you several minutes to get your bait back into the boat. In this situation, slower is better.

Another way that fishermen are using spinnerbait is through the yo-yoing technique. This is one way to fish for early season bass if you are not comfortable with how slow or fast that you are reeling in your line. This technique has you cast your line, and then slowly lift the rod in the air so that the lure is rising under the water a foot or two. Release, and repeat. Just as you would a yo-yo. You will feel the lure hitting the bottom of the lake and this is going to cause a vibration that the bass are going to hear.

Selecting your Spinnerbait

Here are a few tips on selecting which spinnerbait to use when fishing for early bass:

  1. Take into consideration the clarity of the water, the sky conditions, the surface condition of the water, and the dominant forage that is found in the water.
  2. Ensure that the blades are enough flash to attract fish.
  3. Ensure that the spinnerbait does look like a tasty prey fish that the bass are going to be interested in.

The spinnerbait you choose may need to be changed, depending upon where you are fishing and the water conditions for that day. However, most people find that bass are going to respond well to metallic flash ad bright colors via the spinnerbait being used.

Fishing bass during the early season is something that many fishermen look forward to as it signals that the fishing season is soon starting! And for those who love to fish, this is something that they are greatly looking forward to!


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