4 Simple Tips to Catch More Fish Shore Fishing

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Few things beat a day out at the lake or steam, casting a line, and waiting for that line to tug. But if you find that the fish aren't biting you just might get a little frustrated. Should that be the case, then you'll have to take a look at your strategy. With these simple tips you can be reeling them in all day.

1. Do a walk around looking for any type of structure in the water

Not just any structure mind you, you're looking for a fishy one. Anything from vegetation to docks will have an effect on where the fish are congregating. Bearing this in mind, you can spend your time casting where you know the fishing is good, and not just hoping for it. And while you're at it, keep an eye out for the fish as well. Even if you can only see the baitfish, then you can use that information to get an idea of what the predators up to.

Shore Fishing

2. Match the hatch

It's a simple phrase, and one to stick by. Shore angling is a little different than sitting on a boat. Typically you are going to be catching smaller fish. As a result, you have to downsize. Smaller bait, lures and even fishing line will find you better luck than what you're used to. If you think worms are where it's at, then try to keep them under 5 inches. Spinnerbait does well at about 1/4 to 1/8 ounces. Also smaller tackle means it's lighter, and since you're hoofing it, that's a nice little bonus.

3. Stay low

You want to keep an idea of what your shadow is doing at all times. Fish aren't a big fan of moving shadows, as that usually signifies the presence of birds on the hunt. Because of this, you'll want to keep it from touching the water. Staying low to the ground helps, but hiding beneath a tree, building, or anything that obscures your shadow is best. There's more than one reason to find a good shady spot after all.

4. Cast parallel to the shore

Who hasn't let loose a cast as far as they could straight to the middle of the lake? As it turns out though, you'll do a lot better if you cast parallel to the shoreline. Fish like to stick around the first major drop off or closer, so while a long cast is fun, a shorter throw in the right spot will keep your bait where the fish are a whole lot longer.

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