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Better known for its use with trout, cod fish or haddock we test the classic beer-batter recipe on walleye, or pickerel depending where you live. Whatever you call it, the end result is the same, beer-battered walleye is simply delicious. Walleye is already one of the best tasting fish in Canada, add a classic beer-battered taste and the final result will have you coming back for more again and again. 
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8 Reasons To Join a Tackle Subscription Service

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Simple Fishing is giving Canadians the largest fishing lure subscription right in there own back yard, no more having to deal with the ever changing exchange rate or having to wait up to a month for your box. Sized at 12" X 7" X 2.5" this box is huge. Filled with hard and soft baits from companies across North America. 
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3 reasons to join Canada's top fishing lure subscription service

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3 Reasons to Join Canada’s Top Fishing Lure Subscription


Learn and improve your fishing skills

Every angler has their “go to “bait, but when you only fish the same lures you are missing opportunities to catch more fish. Many of our customers use Random Lure of the Month as a way to push themselves to try new techniques and new baits.


Find your new favorite bait

Many anglers get trapped in the “this works good enough” cycle not knowing there are still so many baits out there that they haven’t tried. Subscription services like Random Lure of the Month help you find great new baits that you would never find at bait and tackle shops.


Save money

You save up to 40% off retail prices and are eligible to enter contests to win cool prizes. Our Elite boxes come with the most about of hard baits. See our subscription plans here.

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4 Ways to Catch Bass in the Rain

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4 Ways to Catch Bass in the Rain

 Are you a die hard bass fisherman? Do you want to go out in tough weather conditions but you're unsure of yourself. Here are the top four things you should know before heading out in the rain.

  1. Empty Lake

By empty lake we mean you’ll be the only one out there, which means more fishing spots for you to roam. Stick it out long enough and you might just catch that monster you’ve been after.

  1. Fish the Shallows

Rain washes fresh nutrients in the water and baitfish swarm to the new food source and bass won’t be too far behind. Be sure to anchor your boat and cast parallel to the shoreline. This way you can cover maximum area and increase your chances of getting a bite.

  1. Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits are arguably the most versatile lure for bass fishing, especially in the rain. They cover a large area but they also make a disturbance on the surface of the water. This is a sure way to attract bass to your lure.

  1. Water temperature

Water temperature is an important tool to consider while fishing in rainy conditions. The cool rain may drop the water temperature and just a few degrees can make a world of difference in what depth the bass will hanging. Be sure to track the recent and current water temperatures.

Fishing in the Rain


Always be cautious while fishing in uncertain conditions. Always wear an appropriate PFD and if you encounter a lightning storm it is always wise to seek shelter.

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Top 3 Techniques for Fishing your Live Target

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Recently we sent out a Live Target Yellow Perch in our Random Lure of the Month Aggressive box and we want you to get the most out of your lure.  Here are the top 3 cast and retrieve techniques from the experts at Live Target.

  1. Cast and retrieve the lure with varying speeds.  It performs exceptionally well at slow and fast retrieves.
  2. Cast and retrieve with short and erratic twitch-like motions.  Try twitch-twitch-twitch-pause or twitch-twitch-pause.
  3. Cast the lure and align the retrieve to make contact with various structures such as fallen trees, and grass tips.

The Live Target can also be trolled. It is best to play around with the speed to see what the fish like that day but usually between 3-5 km/h works just fine.

Fish to target with this lure are smallmouth bass, walleye and northern pike.

 Live Target Yellow Perch

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