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New Random Lure of the Month Aggressive

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We sent out our first RLM-Aggressive boxes April 10.2016 and the feedback we have been receiving has been nothing short of remarkable.  Here's what Troy has to say:

"Got the first random lure of the month aggressive pack today! Awesome! Great value for the money! The guys at Simple Fishing have brought their quality of product and service to a whole new level! Can't wait to see what they do next!

RLM-Aggressive arrives to you in a box filled with brand name quality lures.  Here is a look at what we sent out for April.

Random Lure of the Month-Aggressive

These boxes are great for introducing you to new lures you may not have bought yourself.  Aggressive boxes also send the classics that every angler needs for their tackle box.

More information about Simple Fishing and Random Lure of the Month subscription service can be found by reading our FAQ here

Here are a couple reviews about our Aggressive boxes on Instagram

Had Scott at send me a Random Lure of The Month package to check out. I have no plan on turning my account into a bunch of ads but I wouldn't post about it if I didn't think it was a good deal! Apparently mail order monthly tackle packages are a big thing in the States but Simple Fishing is the only one in Canada that I know about! Definitely a good way to expand your tackle selection on the cheap if you're just starting out or looking for a cool gift for the kids. Also if you're a little more experienced you might get something that you wouldn't otherwise have bought or tried, and for less money than it'd cost to buy everything individually at the store, which is a bonus if you're a cheap ass like myself. Something to look into! #SimpleFishing #RandomLureOfTheMonth #CalcuttaNotIncluded #CanoeMightHaveAPrice #Fishing #Canada #Saskatchewan #Mepps #LenThompson #PickerelRig #SoftPlastics

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Bass Crappie Muskie Perch Pike Random Lure of the Month-Aggressive Walleye

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