8 Reasons To Join a Tackle Subscription Service

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Simple Fishing offers the largest fishing lure subscription box on the market. Sized at 12" X 7" X 2.5" this box is huge. Filled with hard and soft baits from companies across North America. 

If you’ve been on the fence, here are a few reasons to subscribe our RLM Elite box:

Learn and improve upon new techniques

Many anglers use our service to force them to try new techniques. There’s nothing wrong with confidence baits, but when you only fish the same stuff you are missing out on opportunities to catch more fish. 

Try new baits you’ve never used

RLM Elite Bass Box

Even if you are versatile angler and experienced in many techniques, there are still so many baits out there that you have never tried. Tackle subscription services like Random Lures of the Month (RLM) help you find new baits you’ll love. In fact, subscribers always email us to tell us we just helped them find a new favorite lure.

Save money on baits

You can typically expect to save 30-40% off retail prices. As a added bonus it comes right to your door. We provide tracking numbers so you can follow your Elite box as it travels from our door to yours.

It’s actually really fun

Many of our subscribers tell us that it is like “Christmas every two months.” After all, what’s better than getting a box of lures delivered to your door every other month? The surprise alone is worth the money.

You may even win some prizes

We have fun giveaways and contests that give our subscribers chances to win cool prizes like a free subscription, gift cards of even some t-shirts and hats. We'll even team up with other cool outdoor brands to make the prizes even bigger!

Get a cool score card in each box

Each box includes a score card so you have friendly slam competitions with your friends and win some cool prizes. 


Catch a fish on each lure in your RLM box. It's a fun way to learn new techniques with your new baits. The RLM Elite box includes a scorecard so you can challenge a friend. Upload your video to YouTube using #RLMSlam and you could win some cool prizes.

Species-specific boxes are here

You can choose which species of fish you would like to have your tackle geared towards. Walleye, Pike, Bass or choose Multi Species if you want variety.

Is a great gift for any angler

With a RLM Elite Subscription, you'll get a box jam packed full of baits, including limited edition baits not available anywhere else! With baits up to 40% off retail, this is one service every angler needs to try!


Random Lures of the Month Elite

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