3 reasons to join Canada's top fishing lure subscription service

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3 Reasons to Join Canada’s Top Fishing Lure Subscription


Learn and improve your fishing skills

Every angler has their “go to “bait, but when you only fish the same lures you are missing opportunities to catch more fish. Many of our customers use Random Lure of the Month as a way to push themselves to try new techniques and new baits.


Find your new favorite bait

Many anglers get trapped in the “this works good enough” cycle not knowing there are still so many baits out there that they haven’t tried. Subscription services like Random Lure of the Month help you find great new baits that you would never find at bait and tackle shops.


Save money

You save up to 40% off retail prices and are eligible to enter contests to win cool prizes. Our Elite boxes come with the most about of hard baits. See our subscription plans here.

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