Soft Baits or Hard Baits, Which are Better

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Ever wonder why some companies only make soft baits while others only make hard baits? Why some anglers swear on the plastic worms and others the crankbait? So did we, so we set out to find the reason why one is preferred over the other.

 Soft Plastic Craw Bass Bait


Top 3 reasons for the soft bait


            -Snag less (can get through the weed bed) we used snag less because nothing is truely 'Weedless'.  Disgaree? Let us know your top Weedless baits


The favorite soft bait is the worm. Your average pack of plastic worms will run you about $5.99, that's about 8 bucks here in Canada. One of the top ways to fish the worm is the drop shot. Another popular rig is the Texas rig. Hook the worm and cast into the weed beds or even around docks and feel the bass attack your bait. Some anglers use the Texas Rig and others the Carolina Rig. We go in detail of when and how to use each set up on our post "Carolina Rig vs Texas Rig".




Top 3 reasons for hard baits

            -Longer Lasting - Big predator fish won't be tearing these like they would a plastic worm.

            -Realistic Patterns - Hard baits lures like Live Target Bait Ball replicate schooling bait fish that entice predator fish to take a closer look.

            -Action and rattle create attention -  Most hard baits have some kind of rattle inside the bottle to entice lurking fish. The amount of rattle will vary with each lure. Recently soft baits like the Wounded Rattle Shad from Nextgen Baits have been incorporating small rattles inside their lures. 

There are many options of hard baits to choose from but the most popular by far is the crankbait, with swimbaits gaining traction over the last few years. You can drop them on weed beds, deflect off or other structure to create noise. You can fish them in deep or shallow water depending on the time of year and water temperature. Crank baits vary in price, but you can get a quality one for about 7 or 8 bucks or $10 to $11 in Canada.


To find out which is better is a difficult task, there are many variables to consider. Region, season, weather and personal preference and fishing style. One of the best ways to discover new lures without breaking the bank is our RLM Elite Trial Series Box. We ship you a box of lures every two months until your trial is complete. 

Simple Fishing Elite Box

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