5 Lures To Bring To The Back Country

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The backcountry is a great place to unwind, get away from it all, and gain a renewed appreciation for the unspoiled wilderness. It’s also a great way to catch some fish.

Backcountry lakes are rarely under much angling pressure, which allows them to grow some really healthy populations of fish. I spend the majority of my outdoors time in the rugged reaches of the Canadian Shield, which covers most of Quebec and Ontario and parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Canadian Sheild



Whether you specifically go there to fish, or you just enjoy the challenge of accessing remote areas away from civilization, there are few better opportunities to catch your limit of a variety of species. Next time you head out to the bush, try out these 5 lures to help guarantee your hard fought expedition doesn’t end in an empty belly.


#5. Crazy Hick White A-Tube plastic



White tubes are one of those lures that just works. I can’t tell you why, or how, or even what they are supposed to be imitating. As far as I’m concerned, it’s sorcery. One thing is certain though, they are one of the ultimate multi-species lures, which means that in the back country you can count on them to get you bit.

Most bait companies that produce soft plastics will have a line of tubes. I’m partial to the Crazy Hick A-Tube plastics in 3.75” myself. Grab a pack of these and you will be reeling in a lake trout, bass, walleye, or pike in no time.

White Tube Jig


#4.Panther Martin Spinner



Panther Martin is one of those brand names that many people recognize as a classic. I only recently learned about these, much to my embarrassment, but I quickly learned that they catch fish. Spinners in general allow you to target multiple species that you might find in the remote wilderness, and Panther Martin makes some of the most effective spinners around.


Pull these at various depths and speeds to mimic different types of insects fluttering through the water. The flash that the spinning blade puts off will land you pike, bass, trout and perch looking for a crunchy meal.

Panther Martin Spinner bait


#3. Live Target Golden Shiner



Live Target is known for realistic and true to life color patterns on their lures. The Golden Shiner is a perfect example of that realism and comes in the form of a lipless crankbait. Lipless crankbaits are a good multi species lure to begin with and perform exceptionally well in the rocky, rugged lakes of the Canadian Shield. Where your water conditions can often go from crystal clear to swampy brown with just a short portage, the golden shiner performs multiple duties.


Throw it in clear water and use small subtle movements, letting the realistic profile and lifelike colors draw predators in close. Alternatively, drop it in near some structure in deep, stained dark water and rip it up quickly to let the rattle and flash make its presence known. There are few fish you will find in the back country that won’t go after this bait.

Live Target Golden Shiner

#2. Blitz Lures Blitz Frog



When traveling the rugged trails and waterways of the Canadian Shield, you can be certain of two things. There will be mosquitos, and there will be shallow, weedy, swampy ponds and streams. I can’t count the number of small no-name lakes and ponds that I’ve crossed or passed by on my travels, but they typically share one thing in common, lots and lots of pike.


The back country is a great place to experience the rush of a surface strike while pike fishing, and frogs are one of the best ways to get that strike. Pick any one of the countless weedy shorelines or shallow swampy ponds and start lily hopping with something like the Blitz Frog from Blitz Lures and it won’t be long before you experience the explosive awesomeness that is a surface pike strike.

Blitz Lures Top Water Frog

#1. Majik Canada 4” Toronto Wobbler



Spoons are the ultimate in versatility and my favorite overall type of lure. Majik Canada takes the spoon design and perfects it for the ultimate in multi-species baits. While you can get a variety of sizes, my choice for a do-it-all bait is the 4” Toronto Wobbler. Throw it literally anywhere. Spoons do well in all conditions and Majik has the variety of colors to ensure you can always match to the water you will be fishing.


This medium length spoon is large enough to attract big predators such as big pike and walleye, while still being small enough for jumbo perch and smallmouth bass to go after. Lake trout, other trout, largemouth bass, and any other species you might find in the back country will all go after a spoon. You really shouldn’t head to any remote Canadian waters without one!

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Majik Canada Toronto Wobbler

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