Fall Bass Fishing Tips

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As Fall approaches, the weather starts to cool down and things start to change. And this includes the way in which the bass fish are biting. Most people find that Fall is one of the best times of the year for catching bass. However, it does require changing up your routine compared to how you fished during the Spring or Summer.

Why Is Fall Great for Bass Fishing?

What is it about the Fall time that makes it great for bass fishing? Here is why:

  • The water temperatures are cooler, which means that there is more oxygen in the water
  • Bass often school together when the water temperature decrease
  • Bass become more active now that the weather has cooled down compared to how they were acting during the Summer
  • During the Fall, due to their activity, bass are likely to strike at just about anything that you use on your fishing line.

With this being said, even for newbies, the Fall time can be great for Bass fishing, as it may be easier! Looking for tips on what to bring on your first fishing trip read our blog Everything You Need For Your First Fishing Trip.

9 Tips for Fishing for Bass During Fall Weather

During the cooler temperatures that Fall gives, Bass fish are ready and easy to catch, if you know what you are doing. Simple Fishing has a few tips to get you on the right track:

  1. Be sure to target those shallow flat areas. You will find to focus on water depth that is around 3 to 6 foot that are constantly running. During this time of year, the bass are looking for food as they are using more energy, thus they are more likely to be in these shallow areas.
  2. Be sure to try the stop and go approach when throwing out your bait and line. You will find that this is going to be the best method for getting the most bites!
  3. You want to aim to go out fishing when the water is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. You are going to find that more Bass are biting when this water is cooler. Once the water hits 40 degrees, chances are you are going to walk away empty handed.
  4. Watch the clarity of the water. In water that is dingy, fish are more likely to stick near stumps of trees and other areas. For those water areas that are super clear, the fish may be deeper in the water than the usual 3 to 6 feet.
  5. If you find that despite the best of your efforts, bass are still not biting your line, consider switching up your crankbaits. Try for wide wobbling and flat-sided crankbaits to give a varied approach.
  6. Jerk baits are a great lure to use during the Fall season, as not as many people are using these. Thus, it can make a wary school of bass start to bite.
  7. Try to use a shorter rod rather than the long crankbait rods that are used by many people. Why is this? It can help decrease your fatigue.
  8. Are you still having trouble finding the bass? Then look for collections of baitfish. When you find a large school of baitfish, chances are bass are nearby trying to eat these!
  9. You will want to stand out from the other fishermen out there. Many people take to the waters to fish Bass in the Fall. You will want to ensure that your spinners and bait are standing out. Therefore, take a varied approach when you feel that other fishermen have over exhausted the area.

The Best Baits for Fall Bass Fishing

When talking about fishing bass in the Fall, you are going to find that there are hundreds of tips out there. However, when it comes to the bait that you are using, you will find that you can have success with certain ones.

  1. Swimbaits: This is great for those who are using a steady retrieve approach to catching fish.
  2. Jerkbaits: This is often one that is difficult for the bass to refuse. This can be used as an alternative to the usual swimbait.
  3. Frogs: For many fishermen, frogs are a must use in the fall since these are more naturally found in the area at this time.
  4. Flipping baits: This is a great bait for those times in which you may not have Bass coming out of their hiding areas. This type of bait is much harder for the fish to ignore.
  5. Finesse Worms: A simple tailed worm can be great since Bass are looking to feed during this time, and it attracts their attention. To a bass, the worm hanging there looks as though this is easy prey.

For those who will be going out fishing during the Fall for bass, they are going to find that this is a great time to get some large fish. Just remember, this is not the same type of fishing as what was being done during the Summer.


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