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Elite Bass Box

Elite Bass Box

$54.75 CAD

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Our RLM Elite Bass Box is perfect for landing your new PB Bass. 

  • About 10 Baits in each box
  • Largest selection of Hard Baits
  • Terminal Tackle
  • Change Species Anytime
  • Decals and Slam Cards
  • Elite only Contests

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Fairly spectacular.

A quick review:

1. Huge value!
2. High quality
3. Familiar top brands and very promising new brands.
4. The jig and angler choice soft baits go great together. I had two different colored jigs. Both worked well. I loved the 'lady bass' involvement. She's a great kid. She'll be a huge asset to everyone who attaches themselves to her bandwagon. And angler like her, who also happens to be female, is a major asset. Orvis has the 50/50 campaign going. They should look at her. You should look at doing something(even just a sticker) with orvis. Only downside to the jigs are the lack of a weed guard. It doesn't do well as a tx rig. With new grass growing in the lakes, that's an issue. Still awesome.
5. The hard baits are fantastic. I was lucky enough to get two different Rapala lures. Only issue there, is the lack of a middle or shallower depth hard bait for pond anglers. That would have been great having a 3-6' diver. Still, the selection is fantastic. I can work a deeper diving/floater in my lake. It's only 6' max. The bait becomes much less a search bait is all. Long pauses.(not always bad. Big bites can come in the pause.)
6. The big soft baits are just short of too big to catch all sizes of bass. I'd have to say they are perfect. The blue gill colors and shad colors work to match the hatch everywhere, especially during this spawn season. Well done there.

7. No hooks. I would have loved to see a couple hooks and a jig head to match the larger baits. Not a huge issue. I, almost always, have my own terminal gear. It's cool to see if what I normally do matches up with what bait companies suggest.

8. The attractant. Most of the baits are already scented. It would have been cool to get some scented dye and a couple hooks for the same value as the expensive scent. That said, I have this scent and like it very much. I only use it on baits that don't already have scent. I use the garlic chartreuse dye on any plastic I use thi...

Fantastic first box!

Received my first Elite box and was very impressed by it. Can't wait till number two!

Could’ve been better

Nice hat. Decent baits. Over all ok better then most subscriptions.

Great Box

Filled with quality baits! My bass box included a good mix of hard baits, plastics and terminal tackle from both US and Canadian makers. I also received a ballcap! Good job guys...Keep it up and I'll stay on board!


I thought it would be better