Everything You Need For Your First Fishing Trip

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You're preparing to go on your first fishing trip, but have no idea what to bring along. The amount of gear to choose from is overwhelming, and it may seem daunting to even find a place to start. Read our list of essential gear below to know exactly what you'll need.



 It is helpful to bring a change of clothing, or at the very least, shoes and socks, in case the ones you're wearing get wet. A hat will offer you some protection from the sun, and a good pair of wading boots will allow you to go into deeper water without getting too soaked. It's also a good idea to wear a vest or jacket with lots of compartments or pockets to keep supplies in.

 Fishing Equipment

 When you decide what kind of fish you'd like to catch, you'll need to get the appropriate types of fishing lines, rods and reels. Know what you're after before you choose this equipment. A net is useful to scoop up the fish, and basic tools like scissors and pliers can help you cut line and remove hooks from fish mouths. It's always good to have backup gear, in case anything unexpected happens. Nothing ruins a fun day of fishing like broken equipment.

Well-Stocked Tackle Box

You can fill this up with all your essentials, like floaters, sinkers and leaders. Swivels will keep your fishing line from getting twisted. And don't forget your lures! If you're not sure what kind of lure would work best for you, check out Simple Fishing's Random Lures of the Month subscription box - you just might find your new favorite kind of lure!

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    Know what types of fish you're after and what kind of bait they prefer. Some fish prefer artificial lures while other prefer live bait. If you're using live bait, you'll need a bucket to keep it in. 

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    Other Essentials 

    If you're catching dinner, you'll need a cooler packed with ice to keep the fish chilled. Bug spray and sunscreen will help protect you from the elements. A pocket knife or multi-tool is always good to have on hand, as they have many uses.

    Preparing for your fishing trip doesn't have to be scary. Don't forget to pack extras of anything. It's always better to arrive over-prepared than under-prepared. As you go on more trips, you'll begin to get the hang of exactly what you need.



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