How Water Temperatures Affect Bass Fishing

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There are several different elements that go into making for a great day of bass fishing. The right lure, using the right line, finding the right spot, fishing at the appropriate depth of water, the weather for the day, and even the water temperature. Even if the weather is great for the day you decide to go fishing, this does not mean that the water temperature is great for fishing bass that day. The good news is that through knowing the water temperature, you can adjust your fishing tactics so that you still catch some great bass for that day.

The Water Temperature Affect

The water temperature is going to dictate just how the bass is going to act. Bass fish are cold blooded, so the way they act is going to be determined by the water temperature in which they live. For example, in the colder water temperatures bass will not be feeding as much since their metabolism has slowed down. For those who have been fishing during these colder months have you noticed that the bass you catch are much fatter than those that you caught in the summer? This is due to the metabolism increasing and decreasing in accordance to the temperature of the water.

It is All About Bait Selection

For those who are fishing during colder water temperatures, the bait selection is an important decision. Despite the water being colder, you can still catch some great bass fish if you are using the right bait. Let’s breakdown the different choices for water temperatures that are cold and progress to warmer!

Freezing to 4 Degrees

This is extremely cold-water temperatures, and you should be warned that it is going to be hard to get a bass to bite during this type of temperature. However, it is not unheard of. Those who fish during this time often have their best luck with a Carolina rig, a small blade bait or a hair jig. When throwing this, think small movements and hope that the bass is right there when you toss your line. During this time of water temperature, the bass are not going to be moving. It really boils down to finding the sweet spot of where they are huddled below the water.

4 to 10 Degrees

The water is still cold at this point, but not so cold that you are going to have to work double hard to get a bite. Many people find that lipless cranks help them to get to the bottom of the body of water for the best bites. Other people have used jerkbaits and rubber skirted football jigs. The key with these baits and this water temperature is to use slow movements to reel the bass in.

10 to 15 Degrees

While this is a warmer water temp, the bass are moving some, but they are still staying at the bottom of the water. Many people find success with a drop shot, shaky head jig or a swimbait when fishing during this water temperature. Most people find that the bass are going to go after these lures because this water temp often signals that it is almost spawning season, or the bass needs to eat up for the winter ahead. Thus, they are more willing to bite because they are wanting to eat. Actually, some of the best bass have been caught when it is this water temperature.

15 to 20 Degrees

This is almost the perfect water temperature to fish in if you have a choice. The bass are biting during this time and you are not going to have to go out of your way to find them either. Most people use crankbaits, spinnerbaits, or soft plastics to get their attention. The key is to find them first in the water, as they will be looking for food during these temps.

20 to 25 Plus Degrees

As the water gets warmer, bass become more aggressive. For those who are fishing during this time of the year, they are going to find that topwater baits will be a great option. In addition, be prepared to fish a bit deeper, as bass are going to go to the shaded areas and deeper water to stay cool, so you may have to use a drop shot or heavy swimbait to get to them. The good news is that they are going to be looking for their next meal, so you have an excellent chance of making a great catch!

There are several things that go into catching bass fishing and having a good day on the water. The water temperature is just one element that a great fisherman needs to consider while out on the water. Making considerations ensures that a day out on the water doesn’t turn into one that you never had a bite!

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