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5 People That Should Have Went Fishing

Posted by Scott Sibley on

We all have bad days, just some have worse days than others. Sometimes when things go really sideways it's easy to say, "Man, I should have went fishing". Here are five people that definitely should have went fishing.

Dad Who Mows Kids Video Games

Father and son shoulda went fishing.


Garbage Man Who Has Some Inside Anger

This guy definitely should have went fishing.


Canadian Garbage Man With Some Real Issues

This guy should have had a coffee and then went fishing.


Who Hasn't Wanted To Do This? I'm With Him - Man Destroys Office Computer

This guys should have upgraded to a Mac, and then go fishing.


Guy Who Thought Riding A Bike Was Safe

Trade your bike for a boat, then go fishing.

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Angler Reviews

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Great box

I got this box to give away. The person who received it love it

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I bought this as a 1 year anniversary gift for my husband. He loved the idea and went through all of the pieces that he received and said everything would be great! The company was so nice to work with, super responsive and friendly to work with! I have already recommended this to 5 friends!

First box multi-Species

Hello. I am really happy with my first box from Simple Fishing. I will continue.

Bonjour. Je suis très content de ma première boîte multi espèce se Simple Fishing. Je vais continuer avec eux.

Decent plastics!

Plastics came shipped with my box, came with a nice selection, I wish for the price we got 5 or 6 different ones but other than that happy with the product.