North American Record for Rainbow Trout and the Top 3 Methods to Catch Them

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For many, fishing is a hobby. For others, fishing is a competition. There are several fishing tournaments that take place throughout the North American lakes, streams and other bodies of water. While some of these are for professionals who are getting paid to fish, many of these are for those hobbyists who simply enjoy being outdoors. Whatever your reason for being outdoors and fishing, there is one thing that you are guaranteed…to have a ton of fun.

The Record Holder for Rainbow Trout

With this being said, who holds the record in North America for the biggest Rainbow Trout? This can give you a good idea of what you would need to catch in order to stay competitive for those who are looking to be record breakers! When you research this, you are going to find that there are several people who catch large Rainbow Trout throughout North America. However, for those who are looking for a record breaker, they need to look no further

Record Rainbow Trout

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Sean Konrad who has held the record since September 5, 2009. Konrad is a resident of Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada and was fishing at Diefenbaker Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada. He caught a 43-pound 10-ounce word record Rainbow Trout, beating out the last record holder by 4 pounds 6 ounces. Ironically, it was Konrad’s twin brother that held the previous record. The fish was 42 inches long and had a 32-inch girth.

Konrad was using a Shimano Claris rod, with an Abu Garcia 104 reel. He was also using a PowerPro line that was 14 pounds in size. He utilized the casting method with a Rapala Jointed Xrap bait/lure. Many have attempted to use the same specifications in order to find those large Rainbow Trout’s to claim a victory, but since 2009 he has held this title.

3 Methods to Catch Rainbow Trout

There are several methods that you can use while fishing. Some people are lucky and never really use any tried and true methods for finding a fish. They may succeed but they are not finding the biggest trout that is out there. However, you are going to find that Rainbow Trout are very common in the North American waters. This means catching one of these fish is not as hard as one may think. Here are 3 methods that have been shown by fishermen everywhere to work in catching Rainbow Trout!

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  1. Use Salmon Eggs as Bait

The salmon egg as bait is a method that most fishermen use. This is one of the favourites of Rainbow Trout and for this reason they often catch more and get more bites than someone who may be fishing with another type of bait. How should you impale this on your rig? Be sure that you are using only a single egg on a salmon egg hook. Rainbow Trout have small mouths compared to other fish that are out there, thus you put too much you are going to lose your opportunity to catch one of these. Be sure to add a split shot several inches up the line once you have the salmon egg attached and ready to go. For those who are fishing for record setting big Rainbow Trout, salmon eggs may not be enough. Try for using half of a night-crawler as bait to get them to bite!

  1. What Bobber are you Using?

Did you know that the bobber you are using can make all the difference? This is something that only experienced fisherman are going to know. You want to be as less obtrusive as you can be when dealing with these fish. Thus, you should use a light coloured bobber when fishing and a bright colour on the top. Most people prefer to use a grey bottom with a bright red top. The shape of the bobber can make a huge different as well. Try to use a torpedo-shaped bobber that is relatively small as this is going to give minimal buoyancy when the trout does bite and pulls this.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

When fishing for Rainbow Trout, many people think that if they use the right bait and they are using the right rig, they are going to be catching these fish like crazy. However, that is not always the case.  A fisherman must pay attention to his surroundings. These fish love to be in fast running water, at the same time you may find them in logs or debris that is in the waterway as well. They are a fish that can switch up their environments on you rather fast.

For those who are heading out to catch a Rainbow Trout, good luck. Let’s hope that with these methods you can be the next record holder for catching the largest Rainbow Trout.


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