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With everything that goes along with ice fishing, the drive, walking to your favorite fishing spot, drilling the hole, which can take forever if you’re using a manual auger, setting up the tent, setting the underwater camera, you really don’t have any time to waste. That’s why we comprised this list of four ice fishing lures every angler needs in their arsenal.


Cotton Cordell - Super Spot

 Cotton Cordell Super Spot

The original lipless crankbait still catches plenty of fish, and here’s why: Cotton Cordell got it right the first time. This legendary lipless crank is easier to work in shallow weeds, rips free of aquatic vegetation and wobbles on the drop. What else can you ask for? The loud rattles and tight shimmy of the Super Spot make is great choice for jigging through the ice as well. A true all season lure.


 Lunkerhunt - Nose Down Straight Up

 Lunkerhunt Nose Down Jig

Lunkerhunt Nose Down Straight Jigs imitate baitfish feeding. Pound them into the silt to draw the attention of nearby fish. Swim or suspend the bait for fish that are high in the water column. The Nose Down Straight Up features an extended hook shank that is great for tipping with soft plastics, bait, or use Liquid Mayhem scent.


   Liquid Mayhem - Shad Scent

 Liquid Mayhem Shad Scent

This scent is the most versatile scents. Made from real shad and spiked with powerful amino acids, it's the go to scent for everything from Bass, Walleye and Crappie, to Stripers, Salmon and Trout. Redfish and Halibut anglers love it as well.

  • Made with real Shad
  • Contains natural baitfish enzymes infused with powerful amino acids and other bite stimulants
  • Formulated to target a fishes olfactory glands
  • Triggers more aggressive strikes
  • Fish will hold on to the artificial bait much longer meaning more hook ups and more fish in the boat!


  Simple Fishing Four of Diamonds

Customized by Len Thompson

 Len Thompson Custom Five of Diamonds


It's well known that pike is my favorite species to target and my favorite lure to do that with is the Red Five of Diamonds from Canadian icon Len Thompson, and they're local to me. Simple Fishing is in Spruce Grove Alberta and Len Thompson is located in Lacombe Alberta where they hand make all their spoons. 

I reached out to Len Thompson, explained how much of fan I was and told them about our RLM Elite Ice Fishing box and wondered if there's something special we could come up with to offer ice anglers. Len Thompson loved the idea and we came up with our version of the Five of Diamonds.  Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

Not sure if you should use a hard lure like a jerkbait or a soft plastic like minnow or grub? Let us help you as we answer every anglers question, Which is better, Soft or Hard Baits

RLM Elite Ice Fishing Tackle Box

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