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Fall Bass
Isabella holding up a nice smallie. Check out her tips, tricks, unboxing and slams on her YouTube channel. 
  1. Diminishing Strike Zones

With the days not lasting as long and the water temp getting cooler the bass eat more to prepare for the upcoming winter, but the shorter days and cooler temps shorten the distance a bass will swim to grab your bait. So to be successful in the fall you need to do your homework in the summer and pin where the bass like to hang out and drop your bait within just a few feet from them, otherwise they might just watch it go by.

       2. Baitfish go Deep

We all know that bass follow baitfish and this isn’t more evident than late fall when their prey head to deeper waters. Bass that used to be in 15ft of water will likely be in 30ft of water right before the ice forms.

       3. Fall Largemouth

Early fall presents a nice opportunity to catch a giant bass. Seeing how largemouth migrate horizontally unlike smallies who migrate vertically you can catch a nice sized largemouth cruising along rocky, gravel shorelines that have definite points. The trick, however, is to select a crankbait that dives deep enough to bounce off the bottom and create a disturbance.

       4.The Mighty Topwater

Many bass anglers think topwater baits are restricted to the warm summer days. Not true. Early fall topwater can make the biggest bass attack. During summer months topwaters are widely regarded as early morning or late afternoon lures, in the fall you can use them all day.


Fall Bass

Isabella's Tip of the Day
Fish larger lures during the fall. To save energy bass would rather 1 large meal over 10 small ones. 


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