Top 6 Lures Every Angler Should Have in Their Tackle Box

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 If you're just starting out or re-entering the world of fishing, heck, even if you're downsizing how do you know what lures you need in your tackle box. Great news, we've made it easy with this list of the top 6 must have lures. Now we know there can be a ton more added to this list (add your favs below) but we narrowed this down so that if you have these 6 lures in your tackle box, most days you'll catch fish. 

  1. Jig

 Divine Jig- 6th Sense Lures

The versatility of a Jig is undeniable. You can fish them just the same in 3 feet of water as you do in 30 feet of water. Jig them, drag them, swim them everything works, you can add trailers to imitate your favorite baitfish. Jigs like the ones at 6th Sense lures  have and still reign supreme.


  1. Deep Diving Crank

 Deep Diver

The biggest reason that the deep diving crank is a must have for every bass fisherman is because bass go deep to avoid the heat. These baits are great for running along a rocky point or probing deep drop offs. If you are going bass fishing, don’t leave home without a deep diver.


  1. Spoon

Freedom Minnow


Like the jig a spoon is as versatile as they come. By far the most popular is the 5 of diamonds by Len Thompson. The side-side action is like no other and will attract predatory fish. A new style of spoon that is really gaining momentum is the Freedom Minnow by Freedom Lures. The freedom minnow with its unique design offers up erratic one of a kind action that all species find irresistible.  


  1. Spinnerbait


 Another must if you’re fishing for bass. They cover lots of water and bass can’t resist their combination of flash and movement.



  1. Finesse Worm

 Action Airetail

One of the top ways to fish the finesse worm is to use a drop shot.  Finesse worms have one flat side that produces a gradual glide on the fall, but our favorite finesse worm by Action Airetail has an air cavity molded right into the bait which creates a buoyancy effect and keeps them right in the strike zone.


  1. Stick Bait

 Bam Baits Stick Bait

Stick baits like the ones Canadian makers Imperium Baits and BamBaits are considered by many the most important bait when fishing for bass and for good reason, they catch bass. Rig it any which way, Texas Rig, Shakey head it doesn’t matter. If a bass sees it, he will eat it.



Honorable Mention- The Square Bill

 Square Bill

In the last 15 years or so the Square Bill has started to gain some mainstream attention.  Why, they catch big fish. The shape of the bill allows them to effectively crawl over rocks and deflect in a way big fish can’t resist.


Did we miss something that you feel must absolutely be on this list? Comment below for your chance to be on our Top 5 Lures decided by you the reader.. We will take the top 5 lures added by our readers and compile a list. We will be reading the comments on here as well as our social media outlets.

Tell us what we missed and your comment could be featured!!



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