3 Basic Bass Fishing Tips

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With so many lures available you're always learning new  tips and techniques . With all that new information the very basics can be forgotten or overlooked. Here is a quick rundown of 3 basic bass fishing tips you don't want to forget.

Bass Fishing Tips To Remember

  1. Bass Anglers tend to miss the mark when fishing small ponds and lakes in the summertime by suspending their bait just below the bass in these low oxygen level areas. You have to remember that during the heat of summer these small ponds and lakes are lacking adequate oxygen levels down deep. Bass will lurking in the shallows where there is a small oxygen rich pocket of water. 
Fishing Tip 1: Small Pond Temperature
2. Not all streams hold the same bass. A lot times bass fisherman will fish for largemouth bass and smallmouth bass in the same stream forgetting the simple rule of thumb that will tell you which species will be more abundant.
    • Largemouth streams will slow to moderate current with warmer water temperatures.
    • Smallmouth streams will have cooler and clearer water conditions. 
Basic Fishing Tip #2: Stream Fishing
3.The single most important tip for bass fishing is depth. Bass fisherman and fisherwoman have a tendency to think that fishing the right bass lure is enough to get hooked. But the best bait in the world isn't going to do much for you if your not fishing at the correct depth.
Basic Fishing Tip #3: Water Depth

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