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Tackle Reviews and Tips


Fanatik Baits offers a unique design with this soft plastic. Still described as a creature bait it is perfect for all types species, largemouth bass, smallmouth, walleye and other will strike this bait. Looking to see how well it actually works in the water? Check out the video from our friends at True North Wilds below.


Dynamic Lures created the HD Ice for trout and other panfish. With its perfect combination of sound and action this lipless crankbait will bring in vicious bites.


The huge 7" Zombie Maxx is clutch for huge pike and musky. Its eight-jointed body, and its weight-forward design, this swimbait is must for any angler searching for their next trophy.


Cast or troll the Fusion Extreme from Canadian company Lucky Bug Lures  and you will see results. This unique hard bait with its detailed graphics and erattic movements will entice a strike from any nearby predatory fish.


The 4”Gozilla paddletail swimbait from Bam Baits offers a great minnow imitation without making any compromises. It’s ribbed body and rhythmic swimming action deliver a versatile and effective soft plastic lure, as you will see in the video below.

Windigo Spoon

Maj-ik Canada's insanely versatile spoon is a great option for any species of fish. With sharp darting movements and loads of flash fish find this spoon impossible to ignore. Watch True North Wilds video review below.