How to Effectively Fish the Zombie Maxx

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Using the Zombie Maxx from Lucky Bug Lures on Pike

The Zombie Maxx is a great lure choice for many different fish species, it can be absolutely deadly when fishing for Northern pike. Made by Lucky Bug Lures, this specific lure has an eight-jointed body that allows anglers to have high levels of control when fishing for these predatory fish.

There are many different ways to effectively use the Zombie Maxx, from slow-sinking glides or sporadic jerks to attract the attention of hungry pike. When targeting pike, it is important to understand that they usually stand still in weed beds while they stalk and wait for their prey. They are an ambush predator that attacks with insanely fast speed. The Zombie Maxx imitates their prey perfectly, as long as you present it correctly.

Pike will attack just about anything, so casting out into shallow water and retrieving this lure quickly should attract a strike from a pike. If this doesn’t work, try casting into deeper water, letting the lure sink before retrieving, and giving it subtle pauses as you reel the line in. These pauses will allow the lure to flutter like a wounded fish, creating an irresistible bait for a hungry pike! Lastly, slowing retrieves with sporadic jerks and pulls can create another illusion of a wounded baitfish and cause plenty of motion and action in the water. This will no doubt attract any nearby pike, upping your chances of catching them.

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For a more in-depth review of the 7" Zombie Maxx visit our video here.

Zombie Maxx Jointed Swimbait


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