Explore Canada’s Top 5 Lakes for Catching Huge Pike

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Finding the perfect location to fish is just as important as the gear you bring. Many of us know that the Northwestern Territories and Saskatchewan have some of the best pike habitat in Canada. In these vast expanses of wilderness, where should you go to catch the huge pike you’ve been looking for? Here is a list of our top five lakes to accomplish your goals:

Northern Pike  
50" 23lb Northern pike. Angler: Braden Arsenault

Lac La Martre, Northwest Territories

This lake is known for being a fly fisherman’s dream! With the excellent sight fishing and shallow location for the fish, it’s no wonder that 20 to 30 pound pike can be caught here year round.

Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories

Pike from 40 to 50 inches long can be found at this ideal fishing location. There are hundreds of islands here, creating some of the most extensive pike habitat on earth.

Misaw Lake, Saskatchewan

If you are looking for a day of consistent pike fishing, look no further than Misaw Lake. You can find pike over 50 inches long here, as well as some breathtaking hikes to under-fished locations through the Misaw Lake Lodge.

Athabasca Lake, Saskatchewan

Often overlooked, this gargantuan expanse of water – spanning over 230 miles – has bountiful pike habitat. With classic weedy bays and beautiful clear water, some of the largest pike in Saskatchewan can be found here.

Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan

With a plethora of weedy bays, thousands of islands, and plentiful structural elements, it is not surprising that Reindeer Lake is a quintessential location for pike fishing. Pike from 18 to 35 pounds can be found at this serene lake.

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41.5" Northern pike. Angler: Mitchell Jones

Northern Pike

44.5" 25lbs Northern Pike. Angler: Braden Arsenault

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