5 Ice Fishing Tips for Walleye

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Many fishermen across North America are after the most sought after fish in North America: the Walleye. The walleye is popular for many reasons including that it's a lot of fun to catch and even more delicious to eat. This makes the Walleye one of the most sought after ice fishing catches around. However, it's worth noting that walleyes may not be the easiest fish around to catch as they can be  pretty aggressive breed of fish but that is what makes them so much fun to catch. 

So how does one go about catching a Walleye? Some of these following tips may be just what you need to help you catch your first Walleye and many more to come:

  • Choose Your Location: You must choose an appropriate location to go ice fishing for the Walleye to be able to find one. This may seem pretty obvious, but all the good bait in the world is not going to bring you your dream catch of a Walleye if there are no Walleye to be had in the area. To give you the best chance at finding Walleye whether it's summer or winter be sure to fish deep in the water within a couple of feet of the bottom of the body of water. Walleye generally live and swim within a few feet oft the ground and they will generally swim in shallower waters especially near rock piles and river mouths. 
Choosing fishing location
    • Drill Several Holes: Just fishing through one hole that is about 10' in diameter is not going to do you much in the way of catching a Walleye. Instead, drill several holes around the area where the Walleye is suspected to be and take turns dipping your fishing line into the various holes until you get a bite. Remember that you have to lure the Walleye with the bait on your line and it may take some movement and several different angles to find the exact location where the Walleye is and where he will "bite" on the offered bait.
    Ice fishing
    • Jig Away: Jigging does not mean dancing in this case! Jigging is the term used when you insert the fishing pole in through one of the holes in the ice and bob it up and down within a couple of feet of the bottom of the floor of the body of water. Moving the bait up and down will help get the Walleye's attention and increase the chances that it will "bite". Wait 3-10 seconds between each "jig" and drop of the fishing line to allow the Walleye proper time to spot the bait and bite.
    Jigginf for walleye
    • Use Swimming Lures: Swimming lures are a great piece of bait for the aggressive Walleye. Try using a minnow as bait or even a Northland Tackle or Lindy that make swim heads can be very effective leads. Stick a minnow on one of the heads of these aforementioned hooks to make a deadly combination.
    • Practice, Practice, & Practice Some More: Practicing will make perfect. Getting the "jig" right to get the Walleye to bite is not the easiest maneuver to perfect and it will take some practice to get the move perfected. Don't give up, keep at it, and you will get better.
    Walleye fishing


    Use some of these tips on your next ice fishing trip to give you a better chance of catching some Walleye fish. Check out our RLM Elite subscription box, you can get a box full of walleye lures delivered right to your door.


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