5 Ice-Fishing Lures You Need This Winter

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What better way is there to spend a clear, winter day than to venture out onto the ice and experience the challenges of ice fishing? As you venture out onto the ice this winter, increase your catch with these 5 amazing ice-fishing lures.


 Freedom Tackle Turn Back Shad

Freedom Tackle


The Freedom Turnback Shad is the perfect vertical jig for ice fishing, and it is brand new for the 2017/18 winter season. The incredible full-metal body swings freely on the metal-line tie shaft. When you jerk on the rod, the lure will dart in random directions, turn around, and swim back the other way. This will drive any nearby fish crazy. Click here to see the Turn Back Shad in action.


 Dynamic Lures HD Ice  

Dynamic Lures


There is a good reason why we have featured this lure in our RLM Aggressive box each of the last two winter seasons. Dynamic Lures has produced an extremely versatile Ice Fishing Lure. Its hollow construction allows the HD Ice to create the perfect combination of sound and action that anglers depend on in the winter months. This vertical-jigging lure was created especially for trout and other small-to-medium sized fish. This lure is not your average ice-fishing bait. This is a high-action lure that brings in plenty of vicious bites.


   Lunkerhunt Straight Up JIg



Straight Up Jig King of detail Lunkerhunt goes all out with the Straight Up Jig. Their patterns mimic baitfish better than any other vertical jig available anywhere. You can work this jig aggressively for reaction strikes, or you can opt to work it slowly for feeding strikes. Whatever option you choose, this jig will really catch you some fish.


  Ma-Jik Canada - Glow Series Spoon

Majik Canada


These spectacular spoons allow you to activate the glow by putting them in direct sunlight. You'll have a strong glow that fish simply can't resist for about 30 minutes. Sun not cooperating? You can use a flashlight. These ¼ oz. spoons are dynamite for pike, trout and even bass.


   Rapala - Jigging Shad Rap



No ice fishing list is complete without a Rapala Rap. We love the Shad Rap due to its slow circle action as it falls through the water. Use a sharp "snapping" motion if you would like a faster circle motion. This jig is perfect all types of fish, but we mostly target walleye with it.


We know that the key to catching more fish is knowledge, but these 5 ice-fishing lures can turn an "okay" catch into an "amazing" catch! They are designed with exquisite precision, and they perform amazingly well. Try them today.


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