Why the RLM Elite Box is the new Benchmark for Subscription Tackle Boxes

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We read every review that is a 3 star and lower about us and our competitors and found the 3 most common reasons why people cancel their monthly tackle subscriptions, and then created a box to address those complaints

Top 3 Reasons Fishing Tackle Subscriptions are Cancelled. (In addition, how we fixed those problems)

Not Enough Hard Baits

Anglers love receiving hard baits, who can blame them? A subscription box saves you money so as a consumer you want to save on the most expensive baits. In addition, hard baits catch fish, plain and simple.

We created our Elite box to be 12” long 7” wide and 3” deep. We fit any and everything inside this box which is why we are the box with the most hard baits.

Too Much Tackle

As much as you love to fish, sometimes a box of tackle each month can become overwhelming. Anglers will cancel their subscription and “take a break” or “get caught up”.This makes total sense; there is only so much room in a tackle box.

We made it so our RLM Elite box ships every 2 months with about 8 - 10 baits in each box. This way you have ample time to test and enjoy each lure. It also provides you enough time to complete the 10 slam for some wicked prizes.


Cost savings is the number 1 reason anglers join a fishing tackle subscription. Number 2 is variety. Anglers want a chance to see what else is out there; they love to experiment, learn new techniques and just maybe be the first to use a bait before it even hits the market.

We have addressed this a couple of ways with our Elite box.

  •  Increased amount of baits included in each box while staying at a competitive price point.
  • As a smaller business, we work with small to medium brands that cannot meet the production demands of MTB or LTB. Which enables us to offer a greater variety. 

Try an Elite tackle subscription today - you can cancel at anytime.


Simple Fishing RLM Elite Tackle Subscription Box

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