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Tips on Catching the Elusive Musky

Posted by Lark Begin on

Those who fish, know that there is always some fish that seem to be elusive. For those who fish for pike or even bass, they know that this can be somewhat challenging. But, if you are looking for a big challenge…the musky is the fish that you need to be fishing for. However, it is not as easy as just casting your line and reeling this in. There are tons of myths surrounding the musky, also known by its full name muskellunge. For starters, most people think that in order to catch this huge fish, you must have a huge lure. That is not always the case. And secondly, remember this, you are going to find great game in the Great Lakes region or Canada when it comes to the musky fish. So, how can you ensure that you do catch the big one? We have a few tips that can help!
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