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5 Ice Fishing Safety Tips

Posted by Scott Sibley on

Few winter sports are more relaxing than a calm day of ice fishing. If you're one to venture out onto frozen lakes and reel in a delicious meal from below, it's important that you know some ice fishing safety tips first.

Here are a few pointers every ice fisherman should keep in mind, whether you're a beginner or seasoned ice angler.

1. Get local input

If you're like many ice fishermen who travel out of their hometowns to find the perfect lake to drop a line in, you may not be familiar with the area. Sure, you can review a map to find out where the lakes, creeks and ponds are, but only a local will know which ones are best, safest and most bountiful. Stop in at the local bait shop and ask for advice - chances are, the person behind the counter will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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5 Ways To Stay Safe On The Ice

Posted by Outdoor Dave on

It’s that time of year again. The leaves have fallen, the ground is frosted, the wind is chilling… winter is coming. Ice Fishing was what sparked my desire to take up fishing as a serious hobby. But with fun, there are safety precautions that should be addressed. Before venturing out for the first time this season, consider adding these items to your pack to help ensure a safe and successful trip o
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5 Tips For Fishing The Hard Water

Posted by Scott Sibley on

Ice Fishing Safety

1. Avoid Moving Water

Ice that forms over moving water such as a river or stream is always weaker ice. You should take extra precaution  in these situations to ensure that the ice is at least 6" thick.

2. Ask A Local

Locals are almost always happy to lend a hand. Everybody wants everybody to be safe. Sign up on local fishing forms to get the latest information on your local lake ice conditions. Just don't expect people to give their favorite go to spot.

3. Ice Fishing Spikes

The best piece of safety gear you never want to use. These two sharp spikes are connected by a rope and hang around your neck. In case you fall through the ice and into the water you use these to puncher the ice and pull yourself out. Watch the following video to learn exactly what to do in case you fall through the ice. 

4. Bring A Friend

It is good practice to always bring a fishing buddy. Someone to lend a hand or talk you out of a bad idea.

5. Dress For The Weather

You may need many different layers. Depending if you are fishing in the open air, in a tent, with or without a heater. Be sure have enough layers for the coldest option. 


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