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5 Favorite RLM Elite Lures

Posted by Scott Sibley on

#5 Freedom Tackle Hydra Shad

The Hydra Shad from ​Freedom Tackle​ is touted on their website as the “ultimate hair jig”, and boy does it seem to hold up to that name! Now, I love a good hair jig to begin with, but the Hydra Shad really ups the game. A combination of buck hair, feathers, and reflective streamers makes up the 6” profile of this bait. Topped with a ⅝ oz swivel jig head, this is a bait that will bring in some huge predator fish. Forget panfish or bass, this is getting thrown for big walleye and pike. 
Fish this bait along weed lines in spring and early summer when walleye are feeding in shallower water. Toss it into a current where the water movement will ripple the hair and feathers around in a mesmerizing, life-like fashion. Irresistible!

Hydra Shad

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5 People That Should Have Went Fishing

Posted by Scott Sibley on

We all have bad days, just some have worse days than others. Sometimes when things go really sideways it's easy to say, "Man, I should have went fishing". Here are five people that definitely should have went fishing.
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4 Simple Tips to Catch More Fish Shore Fishing

Posted by Scott Sibley on

Few things beat a day out at the lake or steam, casting a line, and waiting for that line to tug. But if you find that the fish aren't biting you just might get a little frustrated. Should that be the case, then you'll have to take a look at your strategy. With these simple tips you can be reeling them in all day.
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★Angler Reviews

Angler Reviews

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Perfect gift for the fisherman in your life

The box is perfect, my husband will thrilled when he opens it at Christmas

Happy with the content of the 2nd box. Will definatelly renew for the 3rd.

Sweet walleye box

Everything that came in the box is a proven walleye bait

Awesome Box

Great selection and quality tackle.

The perfect hoodie for fall weather fishing!