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StrikePro Enticer Finesse Bug

Posted by Scott Sibley on

Temperatures are slowly rising here in Michigan, which means it is time to start planning my spring bait lineup. I start my open water season with baits new to my arsenal. 

In Simple Fishings February/March RLM ELITE Bass box I received a package of the Strikepro Enticer Finesse Bugs. True to its name, the Enticer’s Finesse Bug provides a variety of attributes to entice even the most finicky of fish.

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5 Favorite RLM Elite Lures

Posted by Scott Sibley on

#5 Freedom Tackle Hydra Shad

The Hydra Shad from ​Freedom Tackle​ is touted on their website as the “ultimate hair jig”, and boy does it seem to hold up to that name! Now, I love a good hair jig to begin with, but the Hydra Shad really ups the game. A combination of buck hair, feathers, and reflective streamers makes up the 6” profile of this bait. Topped with a ⅝ oz swivel jig head, this is a bait that will bring in some huge predator fish. Forget panfish or bass, this is getting thrown for big walleye and pike. 
Fish this bait along weed lines in spring and early summer when walleye are feeding in shallower water. Toss it into a current where the water movement will ripple the hair and feathers around in a mesmerizing, life-like fashion. Irresistible!

Hydra Shad

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Fall Bass Fishing Tips

Posted by Scott Sibley on

As Fall approaches, the weather starts to cool down and things start to change. And this includes the way in which the bass fish are biting. Most people find that Fall is one of the best times of the year for catching bass. However, it does require changing up your routine compared to how you fished during the Spring or Summer
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How Water Temperatures Affect Bass Fishing

Posted by Lark Begin on

There are several different elements that go into making for a great day of bass fishing. The right lure, using the right line, finding the right spot, fishing at the appropriate depth of water, the weather for the day, and even the water temperature. Even if the weather is great for the day you decide to go fishing, this does not mean that the water temperature is great for fishing bass that day. The good news is that through knowing the water temperature, you can adjust your fishing tactics so that you still catch some great bass for that day.
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When to Use a Carolina Rig vs. a Texas Rig

Posted by Lark Begin on

Fishing is more than just a leisurely past time. For many people, fishing is a competition that they want to win. It is a way for man to outsmart nature. However, when it comes to fishing, there are several components that go into helping a person to snag decent sized fish. Along with the typical bait and weather elements that you need to address, you also need to consider the type of rig that you are using. Two of the more common rigs are the Carolina Rig and the Texas Rig.
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★Angler Reviews

Angler Reviews

123 reviews
Great value

I ordered this for my grandson as a gift. I really know nothing about fishing, however, when my husband looked at it, he was happily surprised. He says it is good value and a great gift idea.

RLM Elite Walleye

Fantastic product with great quality baits. These are sure to catch walleye. The add on live target bait is well worth the money....very satisfied with my subscription!!!

Gift from my wife!!

My wife got this subscription for my birthday. I absolutely love this! The bass box came with a variety of items, some I've used before and would buy again on my own, and others that I haven't tried yet that will round out my arsenal. Can't wait to see the next box!

Guaranteed live target add on box

I was impressed with the hard baits I received as an add-on option to my bi-monthly subscription. I received a live target shallow diving lure. I look forward to using it this season.

Awesome product

Definatley would reccomend