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5 Canadian Lure Companies You Need to Test

Posted by Scott Sibley on

Testing out different lures can be a fun way to experiment with various designs to see what works and what doesn't. Every fisherman loves to find a new lure that could help reel in the next big catch. Adding to your tackle box is simple when you know where to find quality lures.

Here are five fishing lure companies to check out before your next fishing trip:

1. Freedom Tackle 

Freedom Tackle

Freedom Tackle is on a mission to improve the traditional jig. Rather than simply buying whatever the manufacturer deems fit, Freedom gives you the option to choose your favorite brand of hook to include as well as the jig style. This gives anglers the ability to get a custom lure that they know will meet their expectations.

2. Lunkerhunt


Lunkerhunt's lures are made with careful design that shows in their products. Their Prop series, for example, includes high-quality, realistically designed frogs and fish. But what sets them apart from other prop lures is their soft, hollow body. Their streamlined body cuts through and disrupts the surface of the water and catches fish's attention. Hard-to-see weedless hooks run alongside the bodies, which quickly and effectively snag the fish.

3. Xzone Lures 

Xzone Lures

Xzone Lures was founded by someone with a dedication to the sport of fishing. The founder, Mark Kulik, was practicing for a fishing tournament when he began to dream up his perfect lure: One that mimicked the actions of crayfish and goby, but one that could vary action based on changing conditions. Kulik developed the "Slammer," a lure that met his needs and those of many of his competitors. The lures quickly became popular in Canadian and U.S. homes, and is making its way across the many lakes of North America.

4. Lucky Bug Lure Company 

Lucky Bug Lures

The secret to Lucky Bug Lure Company's highly effective lures is the company's Trimaxx Technology. The three-stage system begins with discordant vibrations that appear to the fish like bait in trouble. They feel the ripples in their lateral lines and can't help but check out the scene. The second stage is visual: whether you choose a highly realistic color scheme or a high contrast lure, the fish is sure to be interested. The third and final stage is the unpredictable movement changes, meant to catch the fish off-guard and bring it to lunge at his would-be prey. The lure changes direction and movements based on the water's motion, which means that as the fish approaches, the lure will continue to display more and more erratic motions - a tell-tale sign of scared bait. The fish won't be able to resist.

5. Fanatik Baits 

Fanatik Baits

The people at Fanatik Baits take making lures seriously. From their hand-poured technique to the careful combinations of color, style and texture, these baits bring high quality to your tackle box. Led by World Champion Angler Iurii Petrash, these lures are designed for performance. They're every bit as effective as internationally renowned Japanese baits but at a friendlier price.

How to get new lures in your tackle box

Each of these five companies are worth introducing to your lure line-up, though there are many more quality businesses out there. Discovering and testing out new types, styles and brands of lures is easy when you subscribe to Simple Fishing's Elite Box. Choose a subscription of your favorite fish to reel in or the multi-species box, and every month, a box of brand-new lures will arrive at your doorstep ready to tie to your line and cast.

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