Fish or no Fish

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Sometimes with all the commotion and excitement of getting your line wet and catching the big one, or just trying to out fish your friends we forget about the beauty that surrounds us.  The feeling when you first arrive at the lake, you see the sun come up, the morning dew, the fresh smell.  It's those reasons I am still fishing today.

When I first started fishing all those years ago, trying to figure out what lure for what fish, before I knew the importance of different depths and temperature I would leave the lake empty handed and discouraged.  But I never really labelled it as a 'failed' outing.  Fish or no fish I like being outdoors and fishing ponds and lakes offer some of the most picturesque scenery, especially if you get the chance to fish in the rocky mountains in Banff and Jasper, Alberta.  

Lake Maligne (pictured above) in Jasper is a great example.  It is full of Rainbow and Brook trout and is 318ft at its deepest and is very unlikely you would leave without landing a few nice trout, but if you did happen to have one of those epic bad days the backdrop of this gem still makes it feel worth it.  So the next time you get skunked take a deep breath of that fresh air and look around, things really aren't that bad.



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