Fishing Knots

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I am a guy who just fishes for the fun of the sport. I enjoy the quiet of the outdoors, the sound of the water rolling up on the shore, the sway of the boat in the waves. All this enjoyment comes to a hauling end when you're reeling in a fish with a good fight and SNAP!!! there goes your line and your favourite fishing lure. (If only you took the time to make a couple more loops in your knot).  

Hey, I've been there. When I first started fishing I was so excited to get my line in the water I would tie my knot as fast as I could and lose my first fish every time, and we all know the one you lost was the biggest one of the day.  Here is a link for an improved clinch knot. It is easy and secure.

It is always good to have everything ready the night before you go so there is less time wasted in the morning. I always found if I waited till the morning to get my tackle box or snacks ready I would forget something.  Every time!  There is nothing worse that being out on the lake and realizing you forgot your sandwiches, sun screen, sun glasses or your tackle box.  But that is a story for another day..


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